Live Demo | April 11

ThreatX is ushering in a new era of web application protection and saving organizations from the "firewall fatigue" that has plagued many security teams. In the time it takes you to finish your cup of coffee, our experts will showcase the power of an attacker-centric approach to web application security, and the impact this shift can have on the safety of your web application environment. Industry and product expert, Mark Priester, hosts.

Take 30-min from your day to learn: 

  • Why application-centric approaches to web application security are leaving you vulnerable to critical attacks
  • The fundamental differences and benefits of an attacker-centric approach, including progressive risk profiling
  • Different techniques along the kill-chain to classify suspicious behaviors and associated risk
  • How collective threat intelligence and container-based architecture can unburden security teams

Mark PriesterHosted by - Mark Priester

As a Systems Engineer at ThreatX, Mark Priester is dedicated to helping global customers strengthen their web application security strategy, and ultimately, reduce risk and operational burden. Mark has been involved in network and security operations for over twenty years and has led security and network groups for various organizations, including a large healthcare provider, a major anti-spyware company, and has worked in network and security operations in both Europe and the US.

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