Insights Report with Frost & Sullivan

Written by: Michael Suby
Stratecast VP of Research at Frost & Sullivan
Frost & Sullivan Insights Report
While a number of cyber attacks are thwarted daily because of effective prevention, it's clear that standard approaches of blocking malicious activity have structural shortcomings, all of which favor attackers. As a result, the bad actors still compromise IT systems and, in not so rare of occurrences, succeed in their objectives. 

So is it possible to overcome these shortcomings?

With a dynamic defenses approach, you can. Download the full Insights report contributed by Frost & Sullivan to learn:

  1.  Why dynamic defenses intensify attacker interactions and clarify the threat level of each attack session.
  2. How dynamic defenses pragmatically contain attacker activities, without layers of static rules.
  3. How organizations adopting a dynamic defense approach can successfully detect and neutralize threats