Make Credential Stuffing Too Costly for Attackers to Persist

Credential stuffing is not new. At its core, it's a fairly simple attack technique: attempt to reuse credentials stolen in a prior breach or purchased on the dark web.

The supply of stolen credentials is abundant. Large botnet networks and increasingly sophisticated methods make this attack vector much more difficult to combat with traditional static signatures and legacy tools.

Multiple IPs. Anonymizing technologies. Proxy service. VPN. Tor exit node. Blended attacks are increasingly used in combination to evade detection. 

And, as long as the attack value outweighs the cost to wage it, credential stuffing will thrive. The key is to keep up with the attackers and upset the effort/reward relationship.

ThreatX's attacker-centric approach makes the effort more expensive for the attacker. Just like checking for unlocked cars in a parking lot, attackers will move on if their efforts are not rewarded with easy entry.

Let us help make attacks more difficult for attackers. Watch this on-demand webcast to find out how we do it.